Tactical Scheduler

Powerful and Agile Tactical Mine Scheduling Software for Open-Pit Hard Rock Mines.

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The Alastri Tactical Scheduler is a single solution that integrates reserving, pit extraction, dump sequencing, product optimisation, mixed-fleet loading and haulage with dynamic haul roads, and instant reporting. The Tactical Scheduler's powerful modelling capabilities allow detailed analysis of multiple complex scenarios without specialized software knowledge.

Detailed Tactical Scheduling Made Easy

The Tactical Scheduler guides mining engineers through the process of building and running mine schedules using a linear workflow designed for open-pit hard rock mines. This enables engineers to focus on mining rules and production requirements, rather than software intricacies.

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  • For short to life of mine scheduling where detailed, verifiable schedule results, including haulage, are required.
  • Designed exclusively for open-pit hard rock mines, so engineers can focus on site-specific setup, not teaching the software how mining is done.
  • Incredibly fast to both configure AND schedule, allowing for reduced total schedule turnaround time.
  • Fast 3D gaming-inspired graphics and animation makes visual communication easier than ever.
  • Integrated reserving, haulage, scheduling, product optimisation, and reporting in a single comprehensive package.
  • Two scheduling flavors available: Equipment Constrainted when you need to limit on fleet size; or Product Optimised, when you need to meet strict grade/blend product criteria.

Comprehensive Features

Easy & Fast Reserving

The Tactical Scheduler receives scheduling solids and reserves directly from the fastest open-pit reserving tool available, Rapid Reserver.

Flexible Reserves Database

The Tactical Scheduler's database system makes it easy to organize scheduling solids into an interactive 3D scene with customisable reserves, intuitive visualisation, and data reporting functionality.

Automatic Prescheduling

Automatically match the starting positions of your schedule based on survey surfaces or stage plans (end of period surfaces) from a different mine schedule.

Automatic Mining Precedence Rules

Automatically (or manually) create mining precedence rules which consider ramp & trim shots to establish a mining sequence on a bench with no manual input.

Automatic Pit Extraction Scheduling

Specify configurable mining objectives and constraints and the Tactical Scheduler automatically generates a mining sequence which adheres to all inputs.

Material Destination Scheduling

Specify fully configurable destination logic which specifies how material is extracted and where it is sent in an easy to use rule-driven interface.

Dump Sequencing

Specify dump filling rules based on critical site-specific rules, including minimizing haulage times, restricting acid risk material to certain areas, filling land bridges with priority, and more.

Multiple Processing Options

There is no limitation on the number or type of processing options that can be modelled. For example it is possible to manually or dynamically allocate material to different plants or heap leaches based on capacities and cutoffs.

Product Optimisation

Specify grade targets, blend targets, stockpile/crusher capacities, and the Tactical Scheduler will automatically allocate ore to ensure targets are met while adhering to mining rules and constraints.

Fully Integrated Haulage

The fastest and most advanced haulage software for open pit mines, Haul Infinity, is fully integrated into the Tactical Scheduler, allowing for mixed-fleet haulage analysis including path finding across designed road networks and detailed cycle time calculations.

Mixed-Fleet Equipment Constraints

Limit production by the available equipment on site. Build in mining fleet logic rules to match how trucks and loaders operate on site. You can specify multiple truck types and loader types and limit each by its available hours in a period.

Dynamic Roads & Congestion

Create rules which dictate when certain roads turn on and off, allowing accurate haulage across nested cutbacks and landbridges. Specify constraints against roads to limit the quantity of material flowing across a road, allowing accurate modeling of road congestion.

Model Complex Rehandling Rules

Rehandling rules of any type can be modelled in the Tactical Scheduler. For example it is possible to model that 80% of material is direct fed to the crusher by the main fleet, while 20% must be stockpiled by the main fleet, and later reclaimed by the ancillary fleet. It is even possible to model rehandle after the crusher for handling byproducts.

Mixed Period Duration Scheduling

With Tactical Scheduler, periods of any duration can be mixed to establish the scheduling calendar. It is possible to have periods which are weekly, monthly, quarterly, and anually all in the same schedule.

Automatic Creation of Time-Based Input Fields

As the user is thinking like a mining engineer building their scheduling model, the Tactical Scheduler automatically interprets and understands the kinds of inputs that the engineer will want to specify, and these inputs automatically appear in the calendar.

Innovative Scenario Analysis

In a first in mine scheduling, the Tactical Scheduler is driven by a scenario management system that allows the user to create branching scenarios that are automatically scheduled simultaneously. This features makes analysing options faster than ever before.

Inline Real-Time Reporting

As the schedule runs, results are reported in real time alongside inputs, allowing users to instantly identify which constraints are guiding the schedule.

Rich 3D Animation and Plots

Each schedule and scenario is shown in a rich 3D interactive viewport with integrated animation, custom shading and labelling, and reserves in a single interface. Animations can be exported to video for easy communciation with stakeholders.

Customizable Detailed Reports

Reporting in Tactical Scheduler is a snap - the user merely states what they want to report, and the results are presented. Report the information needed without the complex formulas. Customisable, pivot tables, stockpile inventory reports, and block sequence reports are all available.

Eliminate Black Box Scheduling

Ever wonder why a particular block was not scheduled? With Tactical Scheduler, any available block that is not mined is reported with a full explanation of the reasons why the block was not selected for mining.

Stage Plan (End of Period Surface) Generation

Tactical Scheduler contains advanced period generation algorithms, allowing stages plans which incorporate surrounding topography to be generated for each period and exported as trianglations for later analysis in Spatial Conformetrics or other software.