Spatial Conformetrics®

Mine Plan Conformance and Cut & Fill Analysis Software

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How do you reconcile your mine plans against production?
Spatial Conformetrics provides the answer with fast, easy-to-use verification of mine plan performance for variance analysis, operational improvement, KPIs, and contract management. Simply import schedule and survey surfaces and the system generates cut & fill and conformance solids automatically and reserves them against a block model for rapid, easy, detailed reporting.

One Solution - Multiple Purposes

Spatial Conformetrics is a platform for providing consistent mine plan conformance calculations, enabling mine planners and production engineers to objectively analyse mine performance.

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Mine Plan Conformance in Minutes

Simply import schedule and/or survey surfaces, automatically generate solids, and export reports to provide objective quantifiable information to explain variances and improve business outcomes.

Automatic Solid Creation

Instantly convert overlapping surfaces into valid stacked conformance or cut & fill solids in a single step. There is no need to clean or repair the surfaces or solids - they are closed and sealed every time due to the innovative algorithm used for solid generation.

End of Period Surface Generation Tools

Do you have trouble generating end-of-period surfaces? Spatial Conformetrics has built-in functionality to generate end-of-period surfaces using your surfaces, schedule output, and scheduling solids.

Cyclical Planning Improvement

Use Spatial Conformetrics to objectively analyse mine plan conformance with quantifiable metrics. Bring real data to debates on operational improvement.

Communicate Business Value

Mine plan conformance affects pit development, ore production, ore grades, blend ratios, and haulage profiles. Use hard numbers to demonstrate the real business cost of non-conformance to plans.

Key Performance Indicators

Spatial Conformetrics provides consistent KPI calculations for mine plan conformance across crews, sites, and organisations. With hard numbers to explain deviations from plan, owners and contractors can objectively analyse causes for deviation and communicate clearly the business costs associated with non-conformance.

Standardised Reporting

Make complex or black-box reporting a thing of the past. Reporting is completely automated, allowing anyone to measure and report plan compliance without advanced Excel or general mine planning software skills.

Innovative Features

Automatic Cut & Fill Solid Creation

Instantly convert overlapping surfaces into stacked solids. Solids are closed, valid and immediately start generating reserves.

End-of-Period Surface Generation

Generate valid end-of-period surfaces from an existing schedule. Just provide the schedule, scheduling solids, and the topography.

Innovative Layer Merge Functions

Create new surfaces from existing ones based on customizable surface merge operations.

Full 3D Viewport with Cross-Sections

Fast 3D viewport which allows viewing of surfaces and solids from any angle, including cross-sections.

Multiple Block Models

Import multiple block models into Spatial Conformetrics to allow reserving against any block model.

Simple Setup

Specify how geological information is aggregated with a simple interface which supports unlimited attributes and multiple parcels within the same block model block.

Real-Time Reserving

Geological reserves are automatically run, allowing you to immediately see the geological properties of solids between surfaces.

Extensible with Formulas & Scripting

If your block model is missing vital information, you can easily add new calculated attributes with simple formulas and scripts.

Conformance Shading

Shade conformance solids based on domains, making it easy to identify planned and unplanned movement for presentations.

Conformance Reports

Generate conformance and mine performance calculations across multiple pits, material types, and block model properties using a standard pivot table format.

Waterfall Charts

Use the power of visual communication to tell the full story of how plans materialized into production.

Import / Export

Export reserves and reports to Excel, and export solids and surfaces to common mine planning formats.