Rapid Reserver®

Lightning-Fast Scheduling Block Design & Reserve Generation Software

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Rapid Reserver makes designing blast masters and generating scheduling reserves easier than ever. With its simple and streamlined workflow, you can design blasts for an entire pit in the time it currently takes you to design one bench. Solids are generated and updated in real time as you design, and solid metrics and reserves data are immediately available for use with your existing mine planning systems, including Haul Infinity, Excel, and common third party packages.

One Solution - Multiple Purposes

Rapid Reserver is a block design, solid generation, and reserving toolkit merged into a single solution used by mining engineers across all planning horizons to increase efficiency in generating mine plans.

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Blast Masters / Bench Plans in Minutes

Incredibly streamlined workflow for generating bench plans / blast masters. You no longer need to create blasts polygon by polygon - Rapid Reserver generates them instantly - with live updates of reserve data - based on your construction lines. Produce bench plans for entire pits in minutes.

Increased Planning Efficiency With Automated Tools

Automatically create trim shots on a bench. Mark blast types (trim, contour, production) automatically based on blast geometry. Generate unique names for your blasts instantly with no user intervention.

Refine Plans Based on Actuals

Each day, week, or month, update the topography in the software as mining progresses. Blast volumes will automatically be updated on each bench based on the new topography, allowing you to easily adjust your plans based on actuals.

Close the Design-Scheduling Gap

Rapid Reserver makes the process of updating scheduling inventory based on design, geological model, or topography changes simple and quick. Spend less time on data preparation and more time evaluating alternatives and unlocking value.

Automated or Manual Designs - Your Choice

If you need to quickly generate reserves based on a constant block size, use one button to create a grid for all benches at once, and your pit will be sliced up into individual blocks immediately. If you need to alter the design, the incredibly powerful design tools make editing the created blasts a snap. Generate names for your blocks automatically based on a naming convention you specify.

Proper Solid Creation

Each grid block or designed block is instantly turned into a solid which is automatically clipped to the topography and the pit design. The resulting solid is an accurate visual representation of the mining volume.

Data Export

Export your polygons, solids, volumes, perimeters, and blast names to DXF and CSV so that you can immediately use the data in your other planning systems, including Haul Infinity, Vulcan, Surpac, Excel, and other third party software.

Innovative Features

Streamlined Design Workflow

Simply draw construction lines, and closed polylines are instantly created for each blast

Full Set of Design Tools

Full set of polyline design tools to create, move, delete, copy, paste, undo, redo, etc.

Automatic Trim Shot Creation

Simply specify the sizes you want for your trim shots, and Rapid Reserver will automatically create them for you

Automatic Ramp Crest Detection

Rapid Reserver will automatically generate the crest lines for your ramps, allowing you to easily isolate them

Automatic Blast Type Detection

Rapid Reserver can automatically detect blast types - contour, trim, and production - based on the geometry of the blasts and their relation to the topography and perimeter

Create Pit Solids

Use a series of solids, surfaces, and polygons to isolate the cutback/dump solid to create.

Support for Degenerate Cases

Rapid Reserver supports even degenerate solids and surfaces - such as a topography and a clipped pit design which do not fully intersect.

Split Into Benches/Seams

Automatically split the cutback/dump solid into a series of benches/seams based on flat RLs or imported surfaces

Real Time Solid Creation

As you design the blasts on each bench, the associated solids are calculated in real time and displayed on the screen with no user intervention

Solid Export

Export solids at every step of the process to DXF or 00t formats. The solids are post-processed for maximum compatibility with General Mine Planning software.

Full 3D Viewport

Robust 3D viewport which allows viewing from any angle

Dynamic Annotation

Annotate your blasts with any attribute they carry including names, blast type, custom attributes, and volumes

Blast/Block Colouring

Shade your blasts/blocks based on blast type, making it easy to identify contour, trim, ramp, and production shots

Block Model Import

Import block models into Rapid Reserver in CSV format

Real-Time Reserving

As solids are created, the geological reserves are automatically run, allowing you to immediately see the geological properties of the block

Simple Setup

Specify how geological information is aggregated with a simple interface which supports unlimited attributes and multiple material types within the same block.

Extensible with Formulas & Scripting

If your block model is missing vital information, you can easily add new calculated attributes with simple formulas. If you need to do more complex calculations, you have access to full C# scripting.

Import / Export

Import bench designs from DXF, and export block designs, solids, block information, and reserves to DXF, 00t, and CSV

Interface with Haul Infinity

Directly import blocks from Rapid Reserver into Haul Infinity, allowing you to gain another level of accuracy with your haulage analysis

Interface with Excel, XPAC, and Other Packages

The outputs from Rapid Reserver are designed to be used by other mine planning packages, including Excel and XPAC.