Haul Infinity®

Next-Generation Mining Haulage Analysis Software

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Haul Infinity gives your business a better way to plan and analyse haulage at your mine site. With an intuitive interface, rich 3D visualisation and animation of haulage, and interoperability with your existing mine planning systems, Haul Infinity enables faster, more accurate, and more reliable analysis than ever before.

One Solution - Multiple Applications

Haul Infinity is a single software solution that can be used across multiple departments in your business, wherever haulage needs to be understood. It is used for daily production planning all the way through long term pre-feasibility studies.

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Peformance Measurement

Establish KPIs and evaluate the performance of production crews & contractors.

Truck Allocation

Optimise truck allocation between multiple mining faces on a daily basis.

Practical Scheduling

Ensure mining schedules are practical by considering the capacity of the haulage fleet. Directly incorporate real-time haulage metrics into your short term scheduling systems including Excel.

Practical Scheduling

Generate practical, achievable, and haulaged-optimised schedules with the inclusion of trucking and haulage metrics.

Budgeting & Capital Allocation

Determine fleet requirements for production schedules to assist with budgeting and capital allocation decisions.

Extremely Fast Results Generation

Import client data and generate haulage results in minutes - leaving you time to test alternative scenarios and fine tune the results.

Haulage Accuracy & Precision

Gain accuracy and precision in your tender by modelling your haulage network in one pass. Gain insight into your cross-bench hauls by calculating cycle time for hauls to each mining face on a bench.

Reliable, Verifiable Results

Model your haulage with confidence and visualize the results to verify their accuracy. Give your clients an unprecedented level of confidence in your tenders.

Innovative Features

Calculate Cycle Times

Calculate full cycle times including truck/loader matching while accounting for over/under trucking

Calculate TKPH

Calculate and report TKPH, and limit by TKPH to prevent tyre overheating

Calculate Fuel Burn

Calculate and report Fuel Burn based on Fuel Burn curves

Pathfinding on Benches

Calculate the path that trucks must take to mine each block on a bench by pathfinding around obstacles

Toggle Roads On/Off

Turn Roads On/Off to Model Congestion, Landbridges, etc.

Design Tools

Full suite of design tools, allowing road networks to be quickly designed from scratch

Drag & Drop Speed Limits

Easily assign speed limits to your network by dragging and dropping road signs on the network

Easily Assign Road Attributes

Bulk assign road attributes like rolling resistances or speed limits very easily through bulk selection

Unsnapped Points

Easily identify and automatically resolve unsnapped points that are close, but not snapped together

Untraversible Roads

Identify roads which are untraversible due to a combination of gradient and rolling resistance

Inaccessible Terminals

Identify waypoints and mining blocks which are inaccessible due to design errors in the network

Full 3D Viewport

Robust 3D viewport which allows simple navigation around the virtual mine site

Full Animation of Trucks and Loaders

Full 3D animation of trucks and loaders over any haul route

Visualize Overlays

Load polyline or triangulated overlays from common formats including DXF, 00T, and DTM

Import / Export

Import road designs from DXF and CSV, and export cycle times and design data to common formats

Interface with Excel

Use custom excel functions to instantly retrieve haulage metrics from Haul Infinity

Interface with XPAC and Other Packages

Query haulage metrics in real time from Haul Infinity to provide various scheduling packages the ability to make decisions based on travel times, cycle times, and truck hours